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Grab this proven system to get new qualified prospects on your calendar. Using “The Appointment Generator Script” is the simplest way to get qualified referrals from ideal clients, without feeling awkward, pushy or uncertain about what to say. 

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(But growing your IDEAL business…MUST be intentional) 


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The book provides practical advice and strategies for building a business that is both profitable and fulfilling, and encourages readers to prioritize their values and passions when growing a business. Through personal stories and expert insights, the book inspires readers to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world through entrepreneurship.

Masterclass: Get An Endless Supply Of Quality Prospects

Learn the simple 5-step system to generate an endless supply of quality prospects wthe need for marketing dollars, cold calling, or awkward conversations on LinkedIn. The class covers why traditional methods of prospecting, such as making a list of 100 or running costly seminars, are inefficient and introduces a system that has helped financial advisors fill their calendars with quality prospects consistently.

Listen to Robyn's Podcast

“Growing Your Financial Business…The Woman’s Way” is a podcast that empowers and inspires women in financial business. It features interviews with successful female entrepreneurs and industry experts, covering topics like marketing, sales, mindset and personal development. This show provides valuable resources and strategies for women looking to grow their financial businesses and make a positive impact.

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Our Facebook group is an amazing community of female financial professionals. It’s a supportive group where members can ask questions, seek guidance, and learn from one another as they grow their businesses. The group also features live Q&A sessions and expert webinars, as well as resources and tools to help members succeed. This group is a great resource for anyone looking to grow their financial business and make a positive impact.

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The Position Yourself For Profits Event will help you capture the attention of Ideal Prospects so you can get more Ideal Clients. You will begin to adopt the best mindset and discover proven strategies to standout and drive ideal clients to want to talk to you, meet with you and work with you… Without cold calling, endless networking, chasing prospects or waiting for referrals.. Join us for 3 days to make your next 12 months be your best 12 months.

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"There's no one better to teach you how to break through limiting beliefs, grow your business, and improve the lives of others - all at the same time."

- Mel Robbins



Robyn is ready to engage with your audience to help female financial professionals grow their businesses for greater impact. 

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Robyn Crane
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“Robyn Crane came into my life at the exact moment I needed her. She helped me find a way to work as a mom in the industry. Most of the advisors in my office are male with stay at home wives. Robyn helped me create boundaries and find a way to give more value while not being at the office all day and night. The strategies she taught me helped me get ideal clients and create my ideal business. And even without spending more time, my personal income went from $97K to $130K to $252K (in 2 years!)”


“In less than 6 months of working with Robyn, I increased my revenue over $700,000. And then, I was totally SHOCKED that within 7 months of working with her, I sold shares of my company and made $6,000,000! It’s not only Robyn’s coaching that has made this possible, but also being part of her FEMM Mentorship. It’s an incredible community that’s given me support, accountability and friends for life! This program has influenced me to take action to get the specific results that I wanted in the quickest amount of time possible. I have truly accomplished things I never would have believed were possible.”


“I was in the financial industry for 3 years and didn't make a profit. I felt like a total fraud, but I was committed to helping people with their money. I found Robyn online and immediately felt confident that she had new ways that would work to grow my business and help more people (and it did!). Within 3 months of working with her, I made $10,000, then $128,500 within 12 months. Today, I'm a millennial money coach and have had the honor of being featured in O, Oprah Magazine and on CNBC. I'm not only making great money, but more importantly I'm making a huge impact.”


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