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Audiences immediately fall in love with Robyn as she reveals stories of her own money and business struggles, using a unique combination of vulnerability and humor. Her easy-to-follow systems and light hearted demeanor, inspire audiences to let their guards down and motivate them to take fast action.


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“Robyn is a dynamic, inspiring speaker with proven techniques for making money work harmoniously in your life.” — Beatrice Johnston, NJ, CEO of Brand Excitement



“Our members left inspired and empowered with tangible concrete information that they could use to move their entire business forward.” — Tara Gilvar, Founder of the Organization, BIG: Believe. Inspire. Grow.


“Great advice, great class, great presentation by an incredible young lady that knows what she’s talking about. Thank you, Robyn!” — Tony & Alia Rhoton, Utah



“After attending Robyn’s event, I felt like I had won the lottery! Before, I was terrified to sit down and figure out our net worth, believing we were billions of dollars in the red. But, Robyn’s light hearted approach really brought my guard down. She gave me facts and knowledge and Robyn being funny was a huge BONUS! If you’re open to doing the work, her insights are absolutely transformative.” — Rochelle Foles, CA



“Robyn Crane delivers practical, real-world advice with energy and heart. She is incredibly inspiring and provides amazing, valuable content.” — Frantz Alphonse, Co-Founder, Senior Managing Director, and Managing Partner at AP Capital Partners, LLC., Florida


“I never thought talking about money could be done in such a lively, dynamic and fun way, but Robyn pulled it off! Robyn tells real life stories – which help grasp the concepts and make it so easy to relate to. Now, three months after the event, my husband and I are putting money aside again and finally talking about money in a practical and useful way!” — Nathalie Nass-Peltier, France



“Robyn’s program really gets to the heart of one of the most untalked-about problems in families across America. She helped us stop blaming & start building the future we want for ourselves and our children.” — Elana, Jason & Family, CA



“Thank you for showing us the tools to improve our finances, and for giving us specific strategies to help develop our business. Without this guidance, we never would have gotten on the right path towards growing our business and achieving our financial goals. Thanks so much!!!” — Jim & Elvira Stark, Owners of JS Interiors


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