The Speaking ATM

The “SPEAKING ATM” – Scoop up money…fast!

If you’re not speaking, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.  I made this quick video for you called, “The Speaking ATM,” to give you the most important steps you need, to get out there and make some more money!

In my first couple of years as a financial planner, I was barely making any money. What changed everything was getting booked to speak. Watch the video now.  The speaking engagements were small, often attended by 7 – 12 people, but it worked wonders on my business.  So, get out there and speak!

I went from making $2K/m to hitting 6 figures the following year. Of course, I had to also get great at the sales process, but the leads all came in from my speaking gigs.

Here’s a quick 5 Step Process with the acronym: ATM GO!

Audience – Get clear on who you want to speak in front of. Don’t waste time speaking to the wrong audience.

Topic – Choose a compelling topic with a good hook. Not only will this help you get booked, it will also draw more people out to see you. Write a quick one sheet including the topic name, some bullets, a couple of sentences about the presentation and a short bio – keep it simple)

Make Connections – Before you’ve even written your presentation, begin to make connections. This means getting on the phone and making calls. This is the most important part! Dial for dollars, baby!

Gap – Once you’ve booked your talk, now you can begin to build your presentation. What’s most important is that you create a gap for the audience. Give them valuable tools, but also shine a light on their problems and suggest the solution (working with you). If you do not create a gap, they won’t take action to work with you.

Offer – You must make some sort of offer to drive them into action. This is also called the “Call To Action” (CTA). This could be a free offer or paid. It just has to be clear and compelling.

Now… go ahead and get started so you can make some serious money from your “Speaking ATM!”

-Robyn Crane

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