Women! Stop Playing Small!

Women! Stop Playing Small!


If you’re a woman, my guess is that on a daily basis you beat yourself up, talk down to yourself or hold back from taking action just because you are concerned that you may not do “it” perfectly. As women, we make up 46.8%[1] of the total work force in the United States and yet as women we only made $996 per week last year compared to $1,383 per week for men[2].

Here’s the truth. The amount of money you make is a direct result of the value you provide and the number of people you help. This means, the more money you make the greater your impact. And as a business owner, you have an unlimited opportunity to make as much money as you want. The sky’s the limit. As much as you may sometimes want to blame the economy or inequality, or any other excuse…there is no one responsible for your income or your success, except you.

Value Provided - RC2016 is the year of the Woman Entrepreneur! And the next year and the year after that—and every year following… I will say it again. Because as we step up as women, as business owners and as a community we will continue to make a bigger difference by becoming our best at what we do.

It’s time to stop playing small!

We need you to charge more money so your clients get more value.
We need you to value yourself so you can give permission to others to value themselves.
We need you to make your business growth and your personal growth your #1 priority because the world is waiting for YOU.

Last November, I hired a team to help me with Facebook ads for $5,000/month plus the costs of advertising itself. The problem was that I didn’t have all the components created, like the content, images and media. My team asked me to write a long form “blogvertorial” for my ideal client but I put it off, because I was confused. I didn’t know where to start and couldn’t get it done perfectly.

I hated it because I was dropping $5,000/m just for the coaching alone, and had NO ROI. So, I wanted to take some time to create all the content. I approached my team and asked them to “pause” so I could get everything ready, but they wouldn’t let me get out of my commitment. The monthly payment lit a fire under my ass. If I had pay, I had to make this work! So, instead of putting my foot on the breaks, I put my foot on the gas, full speed ahead. Late nights, no sleep, non-stop work… creating the copy, the blogvertorial, the landing pages and even a whole new webinar. And, I’m so grateful I did.

From that campaign, I got a new client, named Denise. Denise signed up for my FEMM Mentorship and she is grateful every day that I didn’t give up and instead gave her an opportunity to work with me. The decision I made (and was forced to make), made me money, but more importantly changed her life. What happened was that I made a bigger impact, because even though I didn’t know how to do it all perfectly, even though I was scared, even though I was beating myself up and talking down to myself, I did it anyway and transformed someone else’s life.  If you just help one more person, that’s the start of making a bigger difference in this world.

By the way, Denise recently re-enrolled in the 2nd FEMM mentorship, and referred one of her friends into the program as well. The ripple effect is undeniable. She’s helping more people and changing more lives. I am proud of that.

The steps are easy to follow:

  1. Get Committed – What commitment do you need to make to others and yourself, so you do what you need to do, even when you don’t feel it, you’re scared, or lacking confidence? For me, I needed to make a financial commitment and commit to a specific result. Luckily, my coaches didn’t give up on me, which is why I couldn’t give up on myself.
  2. Take Imperfect Action – I am where I am today because I took action even though I didn’t know how and was confused. What are you NOT doing, that you SHOULD be doing, that could help you get more clients and grow your business? Do it imperfectly, so the people waiting for you, get the help they need.
  3. Take Risks – What’s made me successful today, is that I continue to take risks. I can’t count high enough to tell you how many times I invested in myself or my business, even when I didn’t have the resources. I found a way to be resourceful anyway (Thank you, credit cards!). Whether you take financial risks, or risk your reputation by putting yourself out there without knowing how you’ll be received, just take the risks. It pays off.

If you are serious about making 2016 YOUR year to be the most successful Woman Entrepreneur you can be, let’s talk. No one makes a 6-figure income, and especially not a 7 or 8-figure income without help. Stop playing small and book a call with me.

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[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, “Table 3: Employment Status of the Civilian Noninstitutional Population by Age, Sex and Race,” Household Data Annual Averages 2015 (2016).
[2] Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Table 39: Median Weekly Earnings of Full-Time Wage and Salary Workers by Detailed Occupation and Sex, 2015,” Current Population Survey (2016)

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