Stop Pimping Your Ride

Stop Pimping Your Ride

Stop pimping your ride. That means… stop spending money on things that you don’t need. If you’re a business owner, or you’d like to start a business, then I’m especially talking to you!

If you want to buy something for your business, think it through. Don’t justify purchases for your business, by calling them an ‘investment’, even though the reality is that you just want those things, but you probably don’t need them.

For example, you could be spending money on an expensive computer, or even spending a lot of money on a fancy website may seem like a good idea, but it could just be an excuse, allowing you to avoid the things you really need to do.

Maybe you tell yourself a website will bring you clients, so you drop $5K on it. Now you have a sweet looking website and no clients. You’re pimping your ride. Don’t just spend money, get resourceful. You can get clients faster by making phone calls or using social media to market yourself. The fastest path to cash has to do with getting help and taking action.

For me, the quickest path to cash when I first started my financial planning business was to hire a coach. Not just any old coach. Today, anyone can call themselves a coach. Find someone who has had the success that you want to have. Someone who is not just successful, but someone who also has a system and knows how to teach you the ropes to help you get there.

Before I hired my coach, I was charging $250 for financial plan and after hiring him, a guy who was an incredible salesperson, an incredible speaker, an incredible motivator… he showed me how to provide so much value to my potential clients that they wanted to hire me and they were willing to pay a lot of money.

In 18 months, I went from charging $250 to charging $9,000!

Now it wasn’t the same financial plan. I had to continue to add more and more value, because obviously people are not going to pay $9,000 for something worth $250. I had to add more and more value and get better and better at really understanding what it is that people not just want, but also what they need, so that I can help them get great results, fast.

If you have a business or even if want to make money on the side, don’t pimp your ride. Stop throwing money at your problems. Get resourceful, get in action and I would highly recommend getting help from someone who’s already created unbelievable results. Then you’ll find your fastest path to cash, so you can start making more money in your business and have the life that you want.

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  • So true!!!! Start making those phone calls, sending out emails, personal/business visits. I started using bufferapp to send out my social media updates instead of hours of goofing off on Facebook, LinkedIn. And Twitter. I made 10-20 daily personal introductions to potential clients when I first opened my apartment make ready company. Those visits=10 phones calls. Take massive action.

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