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 January 14th at 7pm EST

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"Your beliefs influence your behaviors and your behaviors influence your bank account so change your behaviors and your beliefs and bank account will follow.”
- Robyn Crane

We are in the year of the empowered women entrepreneur!

Hello name is Robyn Crane.

Women are dominating entrepreneurial startup growth in 2016.

So I've decided to expand our FEMM Mentorship coaching group to help women power entrepreneurs like you to uplevel your business further than you have been able to on your own, and continue to improve on your skills as you to step even more powerfully into your leadership role and in many cases to double or even triple your income, while spending less of your valuable time, eliminating unnecessary chaotic fire-fight tasks, and serving your contingency on a much greater and deeper level.

In this 90 minute Crazy 8 ™ Business Growth MasterClass, you'll get to learn the Top 2 methods I use to teach and coach my private consulting entrepreneur power women mentorship network called FEMM (Female Empowered Money Makers).

I'm ready to grow the FEMM Mentorship for powerful women entrepreneurs like you who would like to tap into the power of a network of the fastest growing women entrepreneurs.

I will be making room for a select group of 14 new entrepreneurial power women in the first part of 2016 and the first step is for you to join us on this MasterClass if you're ready to step it up in 2016!

We just added 5 new lovely power women entrepreneurs at our live event held in New York this past December and they're already focused and getting results.  You can meet them below.  

So go ahead and click the button to register for the Free Masterclass and you'll learn a ton about the newest tactics we use to grow our collective businesses.  

At the end of the Masterclass, you'll get an invitation to talk with me directly and privately about your 2016 goals and I'll give you hard hitting actionable feedback about what action steps you will need to take to grow in 2016.  

After understanding a bit more about you, your business, the people you serve, how you serve them and your 2016 growth goals, I will be able to let you know if you qualify for one of the 30 spots in the Women's Power Entrepreneur Mastermind Coaching group.  

If you're already running a successful business, and know you're ready right now to move more powerfully into 2016 then go ahead and click the button above to schedule your Business Growth Private Call with me.

Here's What I'm Looking For

  • You’re working full time on your business or close to making that move.
  • You are able to commit to a bi-weekly online mastermind group meeting.
  • You are able to commit to 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with me or one of my Certified Coaching Instructors.
  • You are coachable and will commit to completing the action items we agree on.
  • You live in North America (Sorry, but joining meetings at a similar time will be a challenge if you live in a different time zone).
  • You currently have a business and are doing at least $5000 a month in sales.

When Do We Meet?

Every Other Monday

At 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific
As we are pretty strict with the commitment, if you miss a meeting then its ok. Just know that attendance is important and if you are consistantly missing the meeting date then we must make room for people who are more serious about committing.

Where Do We Meet?

Google Hangouts, Go To Webinar, Conferency Calls & Live Events!

As long as you have a computer and a decent internet connection you should be good.
For the most part, this is an online coaching mentorship so you can be anywhere you want as long as you have the quality internet connection. You can be on the beach sipping on margaritas for all we care. Just be there and ready to participate and grow your business.
We will host one live mastermind coaching workshop in New York, that would be great for you to attend live.  If for some reason, you cannot attend live, we'll set up a livecast feed for you to video conference in.

Here's the Structure

This program is about taking the appropriate action, to get the
specific results you want in the quickest amount of time
This is not a content rich program.
This is about focus,
implementation, and results. It’s about doing, not just learning.
We take a very organic and involved hands-on approach to
pulling out your unique qualities and then shining a light on
them so you stand out in the marketplace and consistently
bring ideal clients into your business.
The personalized approach of this program allows you to close any gaps between where you are and where
you want to be.
Though there is a system and specific skills you will develop while in this program, it will also
take on a life of its own. We will delve into the specific areas of your business that you need help with, and focus
on making changes that will increase your bottom line.
The structure of the FEMM Mentorship program is designed to help you:
1) develop the skills and tools you need to have a sustainable business (content, templates, customized scripts).
2) improve your message to market, help you follow through, take action and maximize your full potential (mentoring).
What you will get:
• Personalized approach to helping you and your business.
• Laser-focused help on solving problems that are holding you back from financial success.
• Proven skills and tools that help you master your business and explode in confidence.
This is not about you learning techniques and implementing them on your own. This is a program that we do together.
Robyn walks you through each process and helps you craft and design a business on your own terms.
This isn’t a “do it yourself” program. This is a “done with you” program. You, the other ladies in the program, Robyn, and the team will all work together to help you build your ideal business and ideal life in the fastest time possible.
  • 2
    Live Coaching Calls

    1. Live Coaching Calls 2x per month

    Live coaching calls are 2Xs each month and include both content and mentoring. This is a “done with you” system where Robyn will teach you the skills and tools you need, and work with you to help you implement them.
  • 2
    Live Events

    2. Two Live 3-Day Events with Hot Seats

    There will be two 3-day events designed to help you make quantum leaps in your business.  You will each have a chance to be in the “hot seat” where Robyn will give you personal,
    customized mentoring.
  • Google Docs
    Centre of Excellence

    3. Google Docs Centre of Excellence

    At any time, you may upload content to google docs for Robyn to review. This may include your web copy, sales scripts, elevator speech, marketing pieces, photos, etc. Anything you want
    help with may be uploaded and Robyn will comment and help make changes during coaching
  • Central
    Learning Portal

    4. Central Learning Membership Portal

    The membership site is your library. Videos, exercises, templates, recorded calls, and
    bonus materials will be found here.
  • Anytime
    Voxer Access

    5. Anytime Voxer Direct Access To Robyn

    Robyn uses an app called Voxer to give you anytime access to ask quick questions or to get support.  You can send a written text or voice text and Robyn or anyone in the group can
    respond. This is great for quick feedback and moral support.



    Faith & Hope are twin sisters who own an architecture firm. No one they knew in their industry was charging for a consultation or separate service outside of drafting & design. Also, it was typical for it to take 6 months to a year to get paid. Once they implemented the “Crazy 8” of selling, they doubled their prices from $1000 to $2000 on services other architects do for free and they got paid in three installments within 6 months (totally unheard of in their industry). They recently told me that when they were discussing whether or not to increase their prices, they would say to each other, “What would Robyn do?” and they’d borrow my beliefs, up the fee and get paid. In 2014, their monthly gross income averaged about $12,600. Eight months after our first meeting together in the beginning of 2015, their average monthly income increased to $21,300!

    Denise, the owner of a hedge fund accounting firm, has a successful business. But she was undercharging for her services but was afraid to ask for more money. After attending my “Positioning Yourself for Profits” Event, she was burning with new beliefs of how she needed to charge more from her services. Within just a few days, she emailed a handful of clients matter-of-factly telling them their fees were going up by 5% and boom, just like that she made an extra $58,000! (That one she did with a hell of a lot of belief and one small behavior – sending out an email).
  • CRIS

    Cris, a new life coach was giving away coaching for free and then began making an offer for the cost of a cup of coffee (that’s literally what she said). She didn’t get many takers. Then, after spending time with me and my husband in the mentoring program, she borrowed our beliefs and implemented the FCC sales system step-by-step (with a checklist) and had her first $1,000 week in her new coaching practice. 

    Caryn is a professional copywriter.  Here's what she had to say about being a member of FEMM.
    “Among other things, Robyn helped
    me create a sales process for
    getting better-paying clients and
    closing the deal.! 
    I never had this before and would
    not have been able to do this on
    my own. Robyn crafted the
    framework, helped me identify my
    ideal client, and when a great lead
    came my way, she was there to
    help me secure my biggest paying
    client to date. ! !
    In fact, I just signed a contract that
    not only meets my stated business
    income augmentation goal but
    exceeds it by double and has
    boosted my monthly revenues by
    45%! ! !
    There is no way I would ever have
    been able to achieve this without
    the coaching and insights that
    Robyn provided.”!
  • NORA

    “I found Robyn’s system extremely helpful. I can’t believe since we started
    working together, I left my (hated) job, made $1,000 in the first 2 weeks of my
    business, and then found a new company to partner with. I was able to
    negotiate a target salary with the new company, which is more than I made in
    my hated job! It’s AWESOME! I followed Robyn’s advice, and it really worked.! !
    I just want to say a HUGE thank you! Robyn really entered my life at the
    PERFECT time and I would not be where I am or as happy as I am right now
    without her guidance. I am truly, truly grateful.”
  • YOU

    So you see, all that's missing from our elite little group of empowered women entrepreneurs is Y-O-U!
    What would you like your powerful story of achievement and growth to be in 2015?
    You can either keep struggling with it alone like you've been doing in the past, or become a member of our FEMM Mentorship Mastermind ...the decision can ony be made by you.
    A few years ago, when I was really struggling and trying so hard to uplevel myself and my business, I made a little creed and it goes like this "Hell on earth is meeting the person you could have become"
    I put it on the wall over my desk where I could see it every day and that was the year that everything changed for me.
    What type of person will you become this year and what will you finally start doing for yourself, your clients and your family in 2016?


Money and Business Growth Expert, Robyn Crane is the host of the TV show, The Financial G-Spot, the radio show Let's Talk Money, interviewer on The Grant Cardone Network TV, and #1 International Best Selling Author of Mind Over Money Management: Strategies Your Financial Advisor Won’t Give You

Her blueprint for financial and business success has been featured on Fox Business News, The Motley Fool, and

She’s an engaging and in-demand speaker who is regularly invited to speak at companies, women’s conferences, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial groups and various types of organizations around the country.

Robyn is on a mission to empower women, to make and keep more money, so they can have a bigger impact on the world.

Through her proprietary financial management and business growth systems, Robyn helps clients master their money and grow their business.

Her work helps these women create greater balance, have more time for themselves, more peace of mind and a better relationship with their money, so they can live life by design.


In this FREE 90 minute Crazy 8 ™ Business Growth MasterClass, you'll get to learn the Top 2 methods I use with my private consulting clients that have enabled them to uplevel their business and continue to improve on the skills I teach to step even more powerfully into their leadership role and in many cases to double and even triple their income, while spending less of their valuable time, eliminating the chaos and serving their contingency on a much greater and deeper level.