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How To Use The “Belief Loan Phenomenon” To Explode Your Business Growth & Stop Sacrificing Your Dreams 

Change One Thing, Then You’ll Change It All.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur, who is motivated, passionate, conscientious and a serious action taker, I can only guess that you’re working your butt off, but not necessarily getting the financial results you crave.

Am I right?

Isn’t it frustrating seeing less-than talented competitors charging way more than you? And doesn’t it just bug the hell out of you, that you know you have the potential to be making so much more money and helping so many more people, but instead you’re chasing prospects who don’t appreciate your value and somehow monopolize all your time?!?!  

“Hell On Earth Is Meeting The Person You Could Have Become”

A few years ago when I was struggling badly just to survive let alone figure out how to strategically grow my business in a way that still afforded me the time to be good for my clients, I read this motto and put it on a sign above my desk where I could look at it every day.  It goes like this; “Hell on earth is meeting the person you could have become”.  That was the year everything changed for me and business growth became so easy!

I recorded a MasterClass on teaching the Top Business Growth tactics I used to change my business and life, and want to share that with you.

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Sad young Business woman looking into Piggy Bank

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Let’s face it, you’ve sacrificed for way too long, putting off your dreams and inadvertently not helping the people that need your expertise and high level of service. Time continues to creep away from you… but the BIG financial results don’t seem to show up.

I get it. You’re stuck in this never ending cycle of charging too little, spending way too much time and effort trying to create content, be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and do all the other things the guru’s are saying you have to do to build a proper brand, so they’ll pay you the fees you know you deserve.

For some messed-up reason, even though you see your competitors charging those fees, you can’t seem to bring yourself to do it, or you’ve tried and your prospect said, “What, no way I’m not paying that!”


Your Competition Is Not More Talented Than You, They Just Use “The Crazy 8 ™ “Selling Technique

It’s not because your competition is better or more talented than you. It’s because they have this one simple thing they were taught to do and implemented it with full force. Their success has everything to do with something called the “Crazy 8” of selling.

I didn’t know it back then, but it was the “Crazy 8” that was the key to my financial breakthrough. It was this phenomenon that took me from $2000/m to 6 figures just 18 months later and has since allowed me to help other women entrepreneurs grow a 6 – 7 figure business doing what they love and making a greater impact.

You can use the “Crazy 8” for all kinds of things you want to achieve in life. I’ve used it in my own life for everything from attracting the love of my life, to having a singer/songwriter career and traveling the world, to success in the financial services industry, to manifesting and creating $40 – $50,000 paydays.

Before I tell you exactly what “The Crazy 8” is and how it can help you transform your business, let me give you a little background as to how it changed my life, my business and my bank account forever.

In 2009, I was two years into my financial planning business and so sick of feeling stuck. It wasn’t uncommon for me to give away a ton of my time for free and not close the sale. I was frustrated and overwhelmed.

My so-called “sales system” was totally ineffective. Though I so badly wanted to help people, feelings of inadequacy and desperation built up and I felt like I was coming across as pushy and salesy.

I had already invested over $25,000 (that I didn’t have) in seminars and was nowhere near having a positive return on that investment. So investing in another, was out of the question.

Took The Leap of Faith and Dug Real Deep

But… somehow another seminar opportunity snuck into my life and despite my resistance to investing more money, I took a leap of faith and went to a sales training. The training I got at the event was so valuable, but I was afraid I wouldn’t implement the new skills I learned. The information alone wasn’t enough. I knew I needed a mentor. So I dug deep into my pockets (pulling out another credit card) and hired one of the trainers named Jeff.

Jeff was expensive, but I knew that not hiring him would cost me much more. It was obvious to me that closing more sales, increasing my prices and attracting the right client would pay back me in spades, and it did.

This one decision changed my life. Working with Jeff helped me see that my limiting beliefs were holding me back. When I realized how powerful my beliefs were and how much they directly affected my behavior, there was no turning back. It was the “Crazy 8” of selling, which enabled me to increase my private fee from $250 to $9,000 over the course of a year and a half.


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Today, I want to show you how you can apply this “Crazy 8” principle specifically to the selling part of your business so you can increase your prices exponentially, get more clients, and make more money — all while spending less time doing it.

I know you already know that the money you earn is directly proportional to the value you create for your clients. You just need a simple system that you can follow where you know you can get predictable results. Once you have that, the easy part is scaling it up to get more of it.

So now here’s what the “Crazy 8” of selling is:

Beliefs Influence Your Behaviors and Your Behaviors Influence Your Bank Account. So Change Your Behaviors and Your Beliefs & Bank Account Will Follow

Your beliefs influence your behaviors.

Your behaviors influence your bank account.

In turn, your bank account influences your beliefs.

Crazy 8 Selling Method

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And the cycle continues.

In my case, I had several limiting beliefs like, “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t know how to close sales” or “They can’t afford me.”

When I attended Jeff & Kane’s training, without even realizing it, I borrowed their beliefs. They believed that anything was possible. They believed that making millions of dollars was achievable (and proved it!). They believed that charging more money gave their clients even better results.

Young girl stretching her arms on top of a mountain feeling success

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I didn’t have to believe in myself. I had enough belief in them and the phenomenal results of their clients, that I was influenced to learn a new behavior – specifically how to add more value in the sales process, so the right people would want to work with me.

Their beliefs were so real and powerful that they trumped my limiting beliefs that were solely based on fear. Though I didn’t have enough money nor did I have the time for another seminar, I was sold. I had a new belief. Nothing could stop me from reaching my potential.

When You Have A Powerful New Belief Nothing Can Stop You From Reaching Your Potential. But Belief Alone Is Not Enough


Your behaviour sets your beliefs

Your behavior sets your beliefs …click here to find out out you can do it.

A strong belief like that will get you started, but the belief alone isn’t enough.

To increase your bank account, you have to next take appropriate action, by implementing the right behavior.

I used a specific sales system that I will teach you in just a minute. This new behavior, backed by my new empowering beliefs resulted in a significant increase in my bank account (finally!). I went from $2,000/m to hitting 6 figures in just 18 months!

Hopefully, by now, you have enough trust in me to be able to borrow some of my beliefs. To know that no matter where you are in business right now, you can make more money in less time, you can raise your price points, you can (and must) help more people and you’re just one step away from filling up your bank account.

No Matter Where You Are In Business Today, You Can Make More Money In Less Time, Raise Your Price, Help More People and Watch Your Bank Account Fill Up



Now, you need the new behavior – to implement the FCC sales system that will add so much value, that your prospects will want to buy from you.

Here are 4 core steps of the FCC sales system, including specific questions to ask your prospect.

  1. FCC – Dig into the pain. Ask, “What are your Frustrations, Concerns and Challenges when it comes to ______ [insert what is relevant to your business: ex: growing your business, marketing yourself, your money, doing your taxes, etc.]
  2. MW – Get clear on what they want. Ask, “If you could wave a Magic Wand, would what you like?”
  3. Yes ladder – Lead them through a series of “Yes” questions. “Does this make sense?” or “Has this been valuable so far?” or “Do you now see how this can help you?”
  4. Offer – Give them a way to buy. “Would $____ [insert your fee or the cost] be an appropriate amount for you to invest, so you can have _______?” [insert the result they said they wanted in MW]

Ex: “Would $500 be an appropriate amount for you to invest so you can get in control of your finances and feel financially secure?”

This system is amazing. The only problem with it is that it seems simple at first glance. What I’ve found is that most business owners are unwittingly making disastrous mistakes trying to do it on their own.

Most Business Owners Unwittingly Make These Disastrous Mistakes Trying To Implement This System on Their Own

Here are some of the common mistakes they make:

  • They don’t use a checklist, so they miss steps of the process
  • They don’t have a coach, so over time, their limiting beliefs trump the new empowering beliefs
  • They don’t follow the script

When this behavior is followed, and backed by strong empowering beliefs, however, it works extremely well.

A couple of my clients, Faith & Hope are twin sisters who own an architecture firm.

Twins Faith & Hope Doubled Their Architecture Business Using The Crazy 8 ™ of Selling

No one they knew in their industry was charging for a consultation or separate service outside of drafting & design. Also, it was typical for it to take 6 months to a year to get paid. Once they implemented the “Crazy 8” of selling, they doubled their prices from $1000 to $2000 on services other architects do for free and they got paid in three instalments within 6 months (totally unheard of in their industry).

Faith and Hope

Faith & Hope – Architecture Firm Owners


They recently told me that when they were discussing whether or not to increase their prices, they would say to each other, “What would Robyn do?” and they’d borrow my beliefs, up the fee and get paid. In 2014, their monthly gross income averaged about $12,600.

Eight months after our first meeting together in the beginning of 2015, their average monthly income increased to $21,300!

Denise, the owner of a hedge fund accounting firm, has a successful business.


Denise – Hedge Fund Accounting Firm Owner

Her problem was she was undercharging for her services and was afraid to ask for more money.

Denise Made An Extra $58,000 With Her New Belief and Just One Email

After attending my “Positioning Yourself for Profits” Event, she was burning with new beliefs of how she needed to charge more from her services. Within just a few days, she emailed a handful of clients matter-of-factly telling them their fees were going up by 5% and boom, just like that she made an extra $58,000! (That one she did with a hell of a lot of belief and one small behavior – sending out an email)



Cris – Life Coach

Cris, a new life coach was giving away coaching for free and then began making an offer for the cost of a cup of coffee (that’s literally what she said).

She didn’t get many takers. Then, after spending time with me and my husband in the mentoring program, she borrowed our beliefs and implemented the FCC sales system step-by-step (with a checklist) and had her first $1,000 week in her new coaching practice.

Do You Think Your Empowering Beliefs & Behaviors Would Change With Results Like Faith, Hope, Denise & Cris Got?

Let me ask you this, if you had these kind of results, don’t you think your empowering beliefs would be through the roof?!?!

And then naturally, you’d be reinforced to take more appropriate action (behavior), which would grow your bank account!

Well it’s time to take back your power and get the magical things you want for your life and business.

Get what you want in life and business.

Get what you want in life and business. Get it for yourself in 2016!

So the crazy thing is, it all hinges back to this one simple thing …yup you guessed it …the “Crazy 8”!

It just continues to perpetuate itself!

If You Make This One Big Mistake, It Can Sabotage Your Behavior & Drain Your Bank Account

Of course, both the quality of the belief and behavior are critical to the impact on your bank account. If your belief isn’t strong enough (or is a negative belief), it can sabotage the behavior, specifically whether or not you take action or the specific action your take. If your behavior (i.e. the system, skill, process) isn’t effective, then it will also hinder the results to your bank account.

Having a mentor is important. But having the right mentor makes the difference between $ or $,$$$,$$$.

We are in the year of the empowered women entrepreneur!

Women are dominating entrepreneurial startup growth in 2016.

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In this 60 minute “Belief Loan Phenomenon” MasterClass, you’ll get to learn the Top 2 methods I use to teach and coach my private consulting entrepreneur power women mentorship network called FEMM (Female Empowered Money Makers).

I’m ready to grow the FEMM Mentorship for powerful women entrepreneurs like you who would like to tap into the power of a network of the fastest growing women entrepreneurs.

I will be making room for a select group of 14 new entrepreneurial power women and the first step is for you to join us on this MasterClass if you’re ready to step it up in 2016!

We had 10 lovely power women entrepreneurs in the first FEMM Mentorship program, who have gotten incredible results, and the next program is already half full.

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At the end of the Masterclass, you’ll get an invitation to talk with me directly and privately about your 2016 goals and I’ll give you hard hitting actionable feedback about what action steps you will need to take to grow in 2016.  

After understanding a bit more about you, your business, the people you serve, how you serve them and your 2016 growth goals, I will be able to let you know if you qualify for one of the 14 spots in the FEMM (Female Entrepreneur Money Makers) Coaching group.  

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qualifications to apply 2



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